Need to receive sms?
Get a phone number for free, you only pay for sms!

Virtual number in the name means that the numbers are available to users online in your account.
We have 2 types of phone numbers: temporary and disposable phone numbers.

смс активатор Second phone for 20 minutes

We have over 10,000 phone numbers online.
Receive an unlimited amount of sms messages online in an instant worldwide.

онлайн номера телефонов из 195 стран Get a temp number from any country

Use our online phone numbers to receive sms online in USA, Brazil, India, Spain, Germany, China, Russia, Turkey, UK, Indonesia & 190 other countries!
Available phone number countries

1 номер - 1 клиенту Protecting privacy

We provide a secure temporary phone number that you can use on the internet, instead of your real phone number.

Оплачивайте заказанные номера криптовалютой Instantly receive a temp number for OTP

Top up your balance from $1 and buy temporary numbers for OTP verification, except for high-risk sites. (We are against fraud, so we limit the acceptance of SMS from some sites)

Поддержка клентов Free number replacement

If you purchased a temporary number and did not receive the SMS, OTP, you can cancel and order a second temporary phone number for free.

Покупка номера на 20 минут Unlimited Incoming SMS

During the 20-minute rental period, avail 90% discounts on repeat SMS. Receive an unlimited number of SMS messages online instantly.

Features of SMS SERVICE

API for receiving sms

Our customers use our API to automate the purchase of temporary phone numbers and to request and receive SMS messages to these purchased numbers.
By integrating with our SMS SERVICE, you can automatically purchase thousands of temporary numbers to receive SMS messages.
Our API is fully compatible with those of competitor sites.

Documentation of sms activations

Rent for 3 months

Typically, a temporary phone number rental only allows you to receive text messages for 20 minutes. If you need to receive SMS messages periodically, consider using our long-term phone number rental service.
This service is available in 22 countries, compared to the 20-minute rental which is available in 195 countries. Numbers can be rented for periods ranging from 1 day to 3 months.

View numers rates for long term rentals

Disposable numbers are ideal

to register on social networks, marketplaces, exchanges and online services without receiving spam. Use our numbers to safeguard your identity and complete sms verification for Telegram, Google voice, facebook, Microsoft, Discord, Gmail, Tinder, Twitter & much more!
You can rent a number for sms for any other sites and services.

Bulk purchases of phone numbers

Buying more than 50 sms a day? Special Offers!
Write to us and we will offer you a discount depending
on the volume.

Request a discount

Do you have your own software?

Integrate our site into your software and get 10% of your users' spending.

More Info

Free phone numbers for testing

Online numbers to test the reception of sms. Attention! All phone numbers are public and can already be used in the site you need.

Free temp phone numbers

How to buy a temp number for sms or OTP verefication

Step 1

Sign up and top up your balance.

Sign up

Step 2

Select your country

Step 3

Find out which mobile operator you use

Step 4

Choose a website (service) to register

Step 5

You get a number right away and receive sms

Does the site require your phone number when registering?

Just buy disposable numbers to receive sms and activate as many accounts as you need.
Never enter your real phone number again!

Protecting your real number
Our disposable phone numbers protect you from third parties or spammers.

All information will be sent in encrypted form using a secure protocol HTTPS (SSL, Secure Sockets Layer).

Privacy protection
Receive a confirmation code text message to a disposable phone number online to protect your privacy.

Pay only for the received sms

Temporary number is issued for free, you pay only for received sms at a rate of $0.1 per sms from one site.

Temporary numbers to receive sms from SMS Service

To register on any website in 95% of cases you need an sms confirmation. What to do if you want to register a second working account or register without a phone number because when you use a real number there is a high probability of receiving various sms and calls.

SMS SERVICE experts recommend the use of disposable numbers to receive sms in order to protect your personal data. Also with the help of our virtual numbers you can register another account for business purposes.

This service started as a tool for developers to test the deliverability of SMS one-time codes.
It soon became popular with non-developers. The reason other people started using the SMS activation service was to protect their privacy when online services asked for their phone numbers.

How do I access online numbers? Register and get access to sms number rentals from over 190 countries.
All sms received to our virtual numbers will be instantly displayed in your personal cabinet.

How do I receive sms online from a website that requires number confirmation?

To receive an SMS to a virtual phone number you must:
1. Select country number from the list.
2. Choose a mobile operator (if it is important to you).
3. Choose a site (service) which you want to receive sms-activation from.
4. Copy the temporary issued and paste it into registration form to receive SMS with registration code.
After receiving the SMS, all you have to do is copy the confirmation code and use it to complete the account activation.
You now know how to get an sms without using your phone using online sms number rental.
If sms does not come, use another number or contact
service support.
Warning! Messages arrive without refreshing the page. If you accidentally refresh the page and the number is "missing", go to the transaction history, your sms will be displayed there.

Benefits of renting a temporary numbers

You don`t have to go and buy a SIM card, you use the number you bought online without a SIM card, it is displayed in your personal account interface, and the SMS messages with activation codes received on the number also appear there. SMS SERVICE is a service, giving you a phone number, where you can send any text message and receive its text.
1. Online sim for receiving sms is given for 20 minutes for any website.
2. The number is given for free, you pay only for the received sms.
3. Rented number only you can use. We do not sell numbers to multiple users at the same time.
4. If the temporary number you have ordered does not receive the message (this can happen for various reasons, for example, the sender`s website has delayed sending or the issued number has a failure), you can close the phone number and order another, in this case the money from your balance will not be written off.

What is a disposable Phone Number?

A disposable phone number is a phone number which is used for a temporary purpose. The numbers are usually used to protect the privacy of the user.
Dedicated numbers are not given in full ownership of the number but only leased for the reception of several calls.
only available for rental in order to receive a few texts.
A disposable phone number is also called a temporary phone number or a virtual number.

What is a 10 minute phone number?

A 10-minute phone number is just another term for a temporary / disposable phone number.
The term "10-minute telephone number" implies that such a number is only active for 10 minutes. But this is not the case with us.
The SMS service has increased the number rental time to 20 minutes.