Last updated: 06.11.2023

Registering with Microsoft without a phone number to a virtual number

Microsoft account gives you access to a huge number of services and applications. This includes registering with Skype, using Outlook mail and onedrive storage, and even Xbox. It also needs an account. In addition, a Microsoft account gives you access to purchase and update various licensed programs. Many users used their Microsoft account to restore and even get a licensed Windows, and roll back the settings to the previous ones if necessary.
To create a Microsoft profile, you will need a phone number, and our SMS service will help you with this. Registration in any social networks, apps, services and messengers involves activating the profile – confirmation using codes sent by SMS. That's what the phone number is for. But what if it is already linked to another Microsoft account, or access to it has been lost for a long time, or you need to create a profile for a friend or loved one. You can, of course, go to the office of the mobile operator and issue a new number. And you can get a virtual number in five minutes. And you don't need to go anywhere to do this. Just register on the site, fill up your profile with the amount necessary for the purchase and proceed with it.

  1. Go to the Microsoft registration site. Select the "Use phone number" button.
  2. A page opens where you enter your phone number and select a country. Go back to the site of the SMS serviceSelect your country, mobile operator name, and Microsoft service.
  3. Pay for your purchase. The SMS service opens a page with the provided number.
  4. Copy and paste the received data into the Microsoft registration form.
  5. The service will send an SMS with the code
  6. After a while, the "code from SMS" column will display the necessary digital set.
  7. Copy the text message and paste it into the Microsoft registration form.

At this stage, the account is considered successfully created. Now you can use various Microsoft services and connect your family and friends to it.
The instructions show that it took no more than five minutes. This way you can register multiple accounts, and they will not differ from the profiles that were confirmed via SMS from a real phone number.