Last updated: 06.11.2023

How to create Yandex mail without a phone number

Creating Yandex mail without a phone number is an opportunity to get access to a huge variety of Yandex services.

A virtual number allows you to get additional email when your personal number is already linked in Yandex. You may need to do this if access to your existing email is lost, or you need to create a profile for a friend or loved one who can't confirm your email via SMS. You will also need to create a new profile to register your work email or business account.

After registration Yandex provides access to its services: Yandex.Disk, Music, Zen, Yandex.Money and many others.

Registering Yandex mail without a phone number

The Yandex registration form is simple. You will need to leave your personal data (standard-first and last name), come up with a username and password (the service generates both the username and password itself), and specify your phone number.


If you successfully fill out the form, you will only need to confirm the number using the code that will be sent in the SMS. Therefore, you will need to purchase a virtual number next.

To create a Yandex email address without a phone number to a virtual number and register with Yandex via SMS, use the SMS service. First, check the registration on the site. If you did not pass it, click on the button in the upper right corner (highlighted in red), top up your balance and make a purchase.

To buy a number for SMS confirmation, select your country and mobile operator and click on the purchase button (highlighted in red in the picture).

Make a purchase. A page opens with the phone number to register. Go to The Yandex registration page. Enter your personal information and the phone number you purchased.

Go back to the site of the SMS service. After a while, a digital set will appear in the "code from SMS" section.

Copy the code from the SMS and paste it into the Yandex registration form.

After successful confirmation via SMS, click the registration button. Registration of Yandex mail without a personal number is considered completed. The received confirmation via SMS of a virtual number does not differ from the profile created using a real number. You can register as many of these accounts as you want for different virtual numbers.

Yandex is not only the leader of search engines that are used in the Russian-speaking Internet. This is a variety of useful services for communication, receiving news and useful information, sharing photo, video and audio content. It is also a platform for businesses to promote and sell their products and services. Therefore, you may need to create an additional account at any time.