Last updated: 15.06.2024

SMS SERVICE Return Policy..


Dear customer! Thank you for choosing our service and purchasing products on!
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that after replenishing your Personal Cabinet balance on our website you can use these funds to pay for our services at any time. The balance does not burn, disappear and is not blocked, except for cases when the user's account was deleted at the request of the customer, or the account was blocked at the request of law enforcement authorities.

We guarantee a refund if:


- the required services are not available;
- the client has not received an SMS message within 20 minutes, the money for the number will be returned to the balance of the personal cabinet automatically or after pressing the "Cancel" button;
- there are no available phone numbers;
- SMS was not received to the one-time SMS number;
- wrong SMS code was received;
- SMS text was incomplete;
- various errors when trying to cancel the number via the "cancel" button;
- a phone number was given out;
- account deletion;
- we cannot provide the paid number due to the absence of numbers of the given country/city on sale, while the number was available for ordering on the site;
- we cannot provide the paid number due to reasons beyond our control.


If your situation is not listed in this policy but you encounter a problem, please contact our support team. Be sure to include a photo or video of the problem with your order.

We do not provide refunds from the Personal Account if:


- the Customer's account balance was topped up by any means within a period exceeding 1 (one) calendar week prior to contacting SMS SERVICE support, no refund will be made;
- the Customer used our products for purposes contrary to local legislation; the product was used for fraud; we received a complaint from the local number provider or law enforcement authorities;
- after a correct SMS message has been sent to the virtual number. The customer agrees to this when purchasing any product or service from the official SMS SERVICE website;
- the customer does not provide the payment information requested from him/her by SMS SERVICE within 14 (fourteen) calendar days;
- requests that are based on the incompatibility of our products with third-party software, if it is not indicated as compatible on the web page of a particular product;
- if the Customer has successfully purchased and activated at least one number after the top-up, the funds remaining on the Customer's balance cannot be refunded;
- the registration code is displayed in the table of the disposable number order. In this case, the Company's obligations to provide the disposable number service shall be deemed fulfilled. Questions regarding the maintenance of an account registered to such a number are beyond our responsibility;
- the customer topped up the balance accidentally;
- the Customer has successfully topped up his/her account, successfully purchased and activated one or more numbers, then topped up the balance again and has not made any purchases after that - only the top-up that was not used by the Customer to purchase goods and/or services of SMS SERVICE shall be refunded.

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Refunds to the Customer shall be made in the following manner:


The customer sends a request for refund to "SMS SERVICE" support service using the feedback form on the support service page, confirming screenshots or video of the fact of the problem of receiving SMS on the issued phone number and specifying the e-mail from which the customer account was registered.

In the request you should specify: the amount of refund, payment system, details for the transfer of funds, as well as the reason for the refund.

"SMS SERVICE" reviews the application within 1-2 working days of the day. The refund period is 14 days. At the same time, the refund period may be extended for reasons beyond SMS SERVICE's control.
"SMS SERVICE" determines the refund amount based on the Customer's top-up history. At the same time, the payment system may charge a commission fee for the refund transaction.

* Please note that not all payment methods support refunds. If payment was made via one of these methods, we will offer alternative refund options.

In case the Customer's personal account is blocked for violation of the rules of using the Service, no refund will be made.

Before submitting a refund request, Customer must ensure that such request does not conflict with this Refund Policy and/or any document provided at