Last updated: 06.11.2023

How to create a telegram without a phone number to a virtual number

Everyone loves the service for its simple and intuitive functionality. Many people are interested in how to register a telegram without a phone number and create not one, but several accounts.
Telegram is becoming more popular: users go there from other messengers because of the quality of communication, data encryption and cool stickers. Users can make audio and video calls to their friends and family, and exchange voice and video messages. Bloggers love Telegram for its ability to create their own channels where they can share information, photos, and videos with subscribers. Business owners appreciate the advantages of Telegram for promoting their products, including the creation of chatbots. In General, there are many functions for communication and earnings, and the use of Telegrams is free.

Registration in Telegram takes place by phone number. To do this, after entering the SMS number in the telegram, you will receive a confirmation code to activate your account.

In fact, only one Telegram account can be linked to a single phone number. To do this, the messenger automatically sends an sms with a code to the specified number and links it to your account.
Registration in telegram without a phone number

But sometimes there are cases when repeated or additional registration is required. You will need this to separate personal and work communication in Telegram: one account is for communicating with friends and family, and the second is for correspondence about work. You may also need a third one-separately for reading thematic channels. This includes job search, channels with useful information, and personal telegram profiles of major bloggers (YouTube and Insta).Then the question arises: how to register in telegram without a phone number?

How to create a Telegram account without a phone number-use our online SMS service and follow the simple instructions, which generally consists of the following steps:
1. Register on our online service. It's free. It consists of entering your email address, name, and password.

2. Recharge the balance. Adjust the required amount yourself based on the purchase of rooms.

3. Buy a virtual number for telegram. More on this later.
4. Successful registration in the messenger and login to your account.
To buy a virtual number for telegrams – take a few simple steps.
Select the country, mobile operator, and service to purchase the number. By default, a random carrier will be selected for SMS messages.

Click the brown " Pay " button. The specified amount will be debited from the profile balance.

The site provides a virtual number from which you can register in Telegram and create a new account. In this case, the number assigned is 79266292609. As you can see, it is easy to buy a phone number for Telegram.

Enter the SMS number in the Telegram registration line, and a page will open with the activation code.
At the same time, the messenger sends an SMS to this number to confirm the account.
After a while, the site displays a code from the SMS that you need to enter when creating an account in Telegram. Please note that a five-digit code is used for registration and activation.

Enter the code from the SMS in the area marked with a red square. In our case, this is 67402.

Telegram will accept the SMS, you will only need to fill in your personal information: your last name, first name, and photo. Now you can use a second account: chat with friends, create channels and public posts, and search for new friends. To inform your friends about using a new account, Telegram will offer to send free SMS notifications.
Attention! If you don't receive an SMS with the registration code, just cancel the action and experiment with the settings. Choose a different country and mobile operator. After canceling the purchased number, the money will be returned to the account – you can try again (provided that the SMS was not received by the service).

An authorized Telegram using a virtual number and SMS does not differ from an account created from a personal phone number.
The number of activations is unlimited. This means that you can register in Telegram as many times as you want.
Our online numbers are suitable for registering Telegrams for androids and iPhones. In the same way, you can install web telegram on your computer or laptop.