The most popular questions regarding virtual numbers to support service:

How do I reuse a number that I bought before?

It is technically impossible to receive a text message again after 20 minutes have elapsed. All numbers are temporary and disposable.

Accept multiple texts for 20 minutes, not possible for all countries.

The number is already used/registered/occupied.

This situation occurs due to the reissuance of a phone number by the mobile network operator to which the registration was already made. Unfortunately, it is technically impossible to check the number occupancy before issuing it to you.

The number is gone after refreshing the page.

Go to the "Transactions History" section. It displays all incoming SMS to the issued number.

My account is banned, why?

A common reason for blocking an account is overwriting numbers. The system automatically blocks your account if the percentage of received sms less than 10%, set your software so that the percentage of successful activations was more than 10%, then you will not fall into the ban. If you think there was an error, please contact us.

I paid but the money is not credited

If more than 3 hours have passed, write to support. If your payment was successful they will 100% be credited before the 3 hours are up

SMS-code did not come, what should I do?

Try to do registration from a smartphone, try to change mobile operators. Cancel the number if the SMS did not come within 5 minutes and order another one for free. Try at least 10 numbers.

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