I did not receive an SMS code, what should I do?

Try to register from your smartphone, change mobile operators or country. Cancel the room and order another one. Money for an excellent number will be returned within 25 minutes. Try to order at least 10 numbers and receive SMS on them. Also note that the arrival of SMS depends on the sender, we only receive SMS.

I paid, but the money is not credited to the balance.

If your payment was successful it will be 100% credited before the expiration of 3 hours. If more than 3 hours have passed, write to the support service and provide a screenshot of the payment confirmation.

My account has been banned, why?

The system automatically blocks the account if the percentage of received SMS is less than 10%, configure your software / proxy so that the percentage of successful activations is more than 10%, then you will not be banned. If you think an error has occurred, please email us.

The number is already used/registered/busy.

This situation happens due to the reissue of a telephone number by a cellular operator for which there has already been a registration. Unfortunately, it is technically impossible to check the occupancy of the phone number in advance before issuing it to you.

Wrong code received.

Send us your phone number and attach a confirmation screenshot, we will make a refund.

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