Last updated: 06.11.2023

How to register on Tinder without a phone number

Tinder has long outgrown the standard Dating site. This is a fashion and youth resource for finding the right people for you. And there are many tools created for a competent search. Large audience, user-friendly interface, fashionable and minimalistic interface. The service has become just "hype": bloggers have fun finding suitable couples and making dates, covering all this in their Instagram accounts. Users share funny profile descriptions and photos from Tinder. You can register with Tinder without a phone number via Facebook or using a phone number (with SMS confirmation). A virtual number for tinder registration will also be suitable.

Not all users want to specify their personal SMS number, or it may already be linked to another profile. The question arises: how do I register on tinder without a phone number?  In this case, the SMS service will help you out: here you can buy a number to register and receive a confirmation SMS. Data is available for rent for 20 minutes.

Tinder without a phone number

A tinder profile created using this number is no different from the profile that the real number is linked to. Only for this purpose you do not need to go to the mobile operator's office for registration, waste time and leave personal data. You can create as many accounts as you want by linking different virtual numbers. To do this, go to the SMS service's website and check your registration.

If you don't have one, register. This will take 2 minutes. You just need to enter your name and email address. You will need to create a password for your profile.

Top up your balance and proceed with the purchase.

To start, select the country, the name of the mobile operator and the service that you are purchasing a virtual number for. By default, Russia and a random mobile operator are specified.


Pay for your purchase. The SMS service provides a number to which you will receive a confirmation text message for Tinder in the future.

Go back to the tinder registration form and enter the copied number. The service will send you a confirmation text message.

After some time on the site of the SMS service, a digital set will appear in the "code from SMS" column (highlighted in the picture with a red rectangle).

Copy the code from the SMS and paste it into the tinder registration form.

At this stage, the tinder profile is considered successfully created. You will only need to fill in your account details and start searching for new acquaintances. The entire registration process takes 5 minutes. You can get a virtual number at any time of the day and register on Tinder without a personal phone number.