Last updated: 06.11.2023

How to register an Uber without a phone number

Uber is a simple and intuitive service for ordering a taxi. Using the app, the customer selects the departure and arrival address, creates a ready order, and tracks the car. At the end of the trip, the assigned amount is debited from the linked card. The service operates in many countries, and at a cost is one of the most budget options for travel.

You can only register with Uber after entering an SMS message that is sent to the specified phone number. However, there are cases when users do not want to link a personal number, or it is already used in another account. There are also cases when a person simply can't accept an SMS to their phone number. For example, if they are located in another country and have not enabled roaming on their SIM card. In such cases, you can simply buy a virtual number via the SMS service's website.

The SMS service will provide a phone number, receive a confirmation SMS to it, and specify the code that you will need to enter to register with Uber.

To buy an SMS number, first check your registration on the SMS service's website and top up your balance with the required amount of funds.

In the Uber registration form, enter your first and last name, create a password, and leave your email information. Please note that all information must be specified.

In addition, the service requests a phone number. Open the SMS service page. Choose a country, the name of your mobile operator, and the "Uber" service. Click the " Buy " button.

The specified amount will be debited from the account after clicking the "Pay"button. A page opens with the provided number. When registering directly through the app, you will first need to enter only the number to send the SMS to.

Copy it to the Uber registration form.

After a while, the site will display information about SMS messages. The "code from SMS" column will display a digital set.

Enter the code from the text message to Uber.

This completes your Uber registration. Link the card for payment and enter information about the most visited places (Home, Work). Order a taxi without any problems.

This registration confirmation via SMS to the virtual number does not differ from the registration of the real numbers. Just in this case, first of all, you do not specify a personal number, and secondly, you can register with Uber at any time of the day without having access to your personal number.

The instructions show that it took us no more than five minutes to buy and create a profile in Uber. And you didn't have to go to the mobile operator's office and get a new SIM card.