Last updated: 06.11.2023

How to register in viber without a phone number

Many people use viber not only for personal use, but also as a business tool for selling their products and services. The question arises, how do I install viber without a phone number? Not everyone wants to show their personal phone number when working with a large number of people. And sometimes you need to have not one, but several accounts in Viber at once.

Next, you will learn how to register in viber without a phone number using virtual numbers and online SMS.
If this is Your first visit to the SMS service, register on the site using the button in the upper right corner. Fill out a small form with the data. Registration on the site will take no more than 3 minutes. If you apply again, just log in with your username and password.
Next, you need to top up your balance so that you can rent a virtual number for Viber. And now for more information about how to register a viber without a phone number on our online number service.
How to connect Viber without a phone number

All numbers on the site are real, just available online. Registering with viber without a phone number involves several steps.

Download and install the Viber app on your phone. If you have used it before, you need to log out of your profile to register a new ACC.

On the site of the SMS service, select any country you need from the suggested ones. Let's use Ukraine as an example.

Then choose a mobile operator. There is no critical role when choosing a mobile operator. You can use any of your choice. Then choose a virtual number for viber and click the “buy”button. Numbers from the “not in the list”column are also suitable.

After paying for the number, the service will give you a virtual number, which you can use to register and log in to Viber without a personal phone number.

Copy the number or manually enter it in the Viber app. Confirm sending an SMS confirmation to the specified virtual number.

Within a few minutes, you will receive an SMS code, which will be displayed in the “code from SMS " column. You need to enter it on your mobile - registration is almost complete. You will only need to fill in the profile if you wish.

Use viber without your phone number as usual. Your profile is no different from your personal one.

How do I register with Viber from my computer?

Since the question of whether a user can register in the messenger without entering contacts is quite popular, it is worth knowing that you can install Viber without a phone number, both on a computer and on a smartphone.

Installing viber without a phone number on a computer is especially often used by those who have push-button mobile phones. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to register a Viber to a virtual number and what applications you will need to download if the messenger is to be used on a computer or laptop.

To install Viber without a phone number on your computer, you will need to install additional software-an android emulator. The process will be demonstrated using the example of Bluestacks – It not only works stably, regardless of the operating system, but is also free, and you don't have to buy anything extra.

Installing the Android emulator-Bluestacks

Install the emulator preferably from the official site You can find it by entering the program name in any search engine, but in this case, keep in mind that the first results may be malicious pages that install viruses on your computer along with the application.

So, the algorithm for how to download and use Viber without a phone number is as follows:

  1.  Download the emulator to your computer (the download time depends on the Internet speed).
  2.  Launch the installer by clicking twice on the downloaded file (it will be called BlueStacks-Installer.exe).
  3.  Click on the "Install" button and then follow the instructions of the program (if desired, you can change the disk on which the file will be installed).
  4.  Read the instructions after installation is complete (if this is not necessary, close the window by clicking on the red cross in the upper-right corner).
  5.  We perform the basic configuration of the virtual Android – select the language, set a ban on determining the location or prohibit it, sync it with your Google account (specify your email address and password).

You can connect a new account by first uploading phone data to it, which will be sent via messenger. However, on check Viber without a phone number this procedure is not affected, you can add contacts later.

Installing Viber on BlueStacks

Once the Android emulator is installed on your computer, you can download viber via Play Market by searching for the messenger. You will need to click on the install button and agree to the terms of use, after which the messenger will be stored in the memory of the virtual Android.

Next, you need to register a Viber without a real phone number. Here you need to be careful:

  •  Specify the virtual phone number that was received on our sms service for Viber.
  •  Click on the "Ready" button next to the virtual number for viber registration. This is necessary in order to notify the SMS receiving service that the activation code is coming.
  •  After a while, you will receive a code to complete registration to the virtual phone number you received specifically for Viber. You need to copy it and enter it in the corresponding field of the messenger.

You also need to click on the "Correct" button on the SMS service to complete the work on the site (this means that you will no longer need to use a virtual number for Viber).

At this point, the installation process of Viber and its registration without a phone number ends, you can use the messenger in full. However, each time you need to log in to the BlueStacks program to launch a virtual Android and Viber. To skip this step later, additional actions are required.

Activating Viber on your computer or laptop

After the virtual number for Viber is received and the user has registered in the messenger, you need to go to the official website of The program and download it to your computer.

Next, the standard algorithm of actions:

  • start the installation process (to do this, double-click on the installation file);
  • following the program's instructions – accepting the license agreement, choosing the language and installation location.

This is followed by a question about whether there is a messenger on your mobile device and a number for Viber, which must be answered in the affirmative.

After that, you need to:

  •     click the button that confirms the absence of the camera;
  •     get a link with an activation code;
  •     insert the received code into a Viber installed without a phone number on a virtual Android and agree to activate the additional device.

If you encounter problems, you can download the Google Chrome browser to the virtual Android and activate it.

This completes the creation of a Viber account on your computer. The process of using Viber without a phone number is standard, receiving incoming messages and sending your own does not differ from similar actions on the phone.

Thus, the answer to the question whether it is possible to install Viber on a computer or smartphone without a phone number is positive. All you need is to purchase a virtual number for Viber registration, which will not be used anywhere else in the future.