The most popular questions regarding virtual numbers to support service:

How do I re-purchase a number that was issued earlier?

It is impossible to receive a text message again after 20 minutes of a session for technical reasons. In other words, it is impossible to reuse the number for another message.

Accept multiple texts for 20 minutes, not possible for all countries.

The money was charged, but the text with the code did not come or the number is already registered/occupied

The money will return to your balance automatically in 20 minutes. Or just cancel the number and order a new one!

The number is missing after refreshing the page

Go to the "Transactions History" section. It will display all incoming SMS to the issued number.

I was banned, why?...?

One of the common reasons for blocking accounts is busting numbers. We prohibit such actions. Our system automatically blocks your account for 60 minutes, if the percentage of successful activations is less than 10%, set up your software so that the% of successful activations is more than 10% and the system will not block you.

I paid but the money is not credited

Make sure that your bank has debited the money and the status of the operation is successful. Depending on the selected payment system, the process of crediting may be delayed for several hours. This does not depend on the work of our website, because third-party payment systems process payments. If your payment was successful, they will be credited 100%. If enrollment did not occur after 24 hours, please contact our support.

The code did not come, how to be?

TTry registering from a smartphone. Often it helps our users to change cellular operators. Cancel the number if the SMS did not come within 10 minutes and order another one for free.

If you still have any questions or have any suggestions, we will be happy to read them. To ask a question, use the feedback form below..