How to sign up for Whatsapp without a phone number

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messengers in Russia. Through the application, you can correspond with friends and colleagues, make video and audio calls, share photos and other attachments. You can also send voice messages, share documents, contacts, and location.

Whatsapp has simple and clear functionality. Registration in the system is free, but not feasible without a phone number and activating SMS.
instructions will be needed for those who want to create an additional account in Whatsapp or the main, if the user for some reason does not have a real phone number.

Our SMS service provides a phone number for authorization in Whatsapp. This is a virtual room that is rented at the time of registration. After it, the account is considered to be created and is no different from the account registered to a real phone number. Only in our case you do not need to look for the office of a mobile operator and go there for registration of an additional number.

Before you get the number and SMS code to register in Whatsapp, make sure you are registered on our website. If not, there is a registration field at the top of the page. Click on it and enter data (name, mail), come up with a password.

To buy rooms – top up the balance for the required amount. The replenishment functionality is also located at the top of the page.

There are more than 10 ways to transfer funds.

After successful replenishment of the balance-proceed to purchase.
For this:
1. Select your country and mobile operator (if it is so important). By default – SMS service selects a random operator.
2. Select the service for which you are purchasing a virtual number. Click " Buy».

3. SMS service will offer to pay for the number. Press the brown button. The specified amount will be debited from the account.

SMS service provides a virtual number for Whatsapp service.

Install the app, click the check mark to confirm Whatsapp privacy policy.

Enter the received virtual number into the authorization line in the Whatsapp application. In the example this is the number 79295663465.

Confirm the virtual phone number. Just click OK».

To complete the registration, the application sends an SMS to this phone number with a verification code.
on the site SMS service opposite the number in the column "Status" after a while will appear the code that the application sent by SMS (in the picture is indicated by a red rectangle).

Enter the code from the SMS in the application. Note that the code is six-digit.

After successfully entering the code from the received SMS, the application will prompt you to set up a backup and create a profile. Enter your data: name, status (if necessary), put a photo.

If for some reason the SMS code is not received by our service and is not displayed in the status column, change the country or mobile operator. To do this, click cancel and return to the purchase page. The money for the previous number will be returned to the account, and you can choose another country or operator.

SMS may not come for various reasons-experiment with the settings. Often it is enough just to change the operator or country.
Registration in Whatsapp by SMS from a virtual number is no different from registration from a real one. Just in the first case, you do not need to make out a phone number: look for the nearest office of a mobile operator and fill out the paperwork for registration. You can get a new number at any time of the day, in case you want to register at night or early in the morning, when it is precisely problematic to find the office of a mobile operator.
the Number is provided for 20 minutes, during which time you can easily have time to register and get a new profile in Whatsapp
Moreover, the number of profile registrations is unlimited. You can use as many phone numbers as you want to buy.