If you have a program, work with our API and receive partner payments from the users attracted by you. The affiliate program is available for all countries.

Current amount of deductions - 30% of the room price.

In order to join the affiliate program, you need to apply for consideration of your program.


  1. Referral ID can get any program used by a large number of users.
  2. To register the right to a referral ID, you must fill out an application with a detailed description of the program's functionality, indicating the website and the administrator's Skype.
  3. Payments are made first to the account of the program, where they can be transferred to the personal account of the administrator, or an application for withdrawal of money to one of the available payment systems.
  4. Payment is made no later than 1-3 working days.
  5. Site administration https://sms-activation-service.com not responsible for the actions of software developers.
  6. Referral fees begin to accumulate from the very first activation, regardless of whether you have registered your program or not. However, if the registration is refused, it will be impossible to withdraw funds or make a Deposit to the account of the program administrator.
  7. Unclaimed within six months of the partnership funds shall be reset.
  8. Site administration https://sms-activation-service.com reserves the right to refuse registration of referral ID without explanation.
  9. Site administration https://sms-activation-service.com reserves the right to change the terms unilaterally.