In order to eliminate the permissible use of the service for fraudulent purposes and to perform other criminal work, virtual numbers for the purpose of receiving SMS are equipped with a filter. Messages from the list of prohibited addresses (such as banking / credit companies, electric payment systems and similar projects, the list of which you can see on our website) do not appear on the SMS page.

In the other options, receiving SMS online is carried out in an independent manner. There are practically no restrictions on the site according to the regional location - they can be used by the population of any state where there is access to the Internet. If you need to make dozens or even hundreds of registrations within the allotted time (20 minutes) Is that in some cases a failure can occur due to the resource itself requesting a mobile number - for example, if the mobile phone for receiving SMS was previously used by others users (for example, re-issue of a SIM card) for creating an account, and doubles are not allowed. However, this is solved by simply replacing the number.

Let us summarize the results of all the above, emphasizing the main points:

Our service provides telephone numbers in order to receive SMS to any Internet user at a price for 1 rental of the 1st telephone number for 20 minutes from 1 ruble. One of the advantages of our service is that the number is given in one "one hand".

Behind any number is a real SIM card belonging to a specific operator of this or another state. There are more than 60 different countries in the list - Russia, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, China, France and numerous others.

Phones with the purpose of receiving SMS can be used for a variety of purposes, with the exception of criminal.

If all without exception, the above mentioned completely satisfies you, in this case register, replenish the balance (at least 15 rubles) and you will be given a phone number that you can use to receive SMS and proceed to the set tasks. Thank you for your interest and don’t forget to bookmark our website!