Last updated: 06.11.2023

Need to receive SMS online?

Buy a temporary virtual number in Lesotho for 20 minutes!

SMS SERVICE - it is a service for receiving SMS-messages to virtual phone numbers.

We offer the service "receive SMS to a disposable number" to receive activation codes and SMS-confirmations online.
Anyone can register and receive sms on the site of interest to him without having to specify your real phone number, thereby completely insuring against intrusive advertisers. Protect your privacy online by not using your personal or work phone number online, use disposable SIM cards to receive any SMS or text messages.

Benefits of using temporary numbers in Lesotho.

- The phone number to receive sms is generating instantly
- You don't need to buy physical sim cards.
- Spam protection. So that you don't have to look for ways to get rid of SMS spam in the future, use a temporary, anonymous number.
- Protection against fraudulent sites that ask you to enter a phone number to download a file or watch a movie. By entering your phone number on such sites, you run the risk of connecting paid services and subscriptions.

How to use the SMS activation service?

A simple way to receive SMS messages online to a second "mobile" phone number in Lesotho.

1. Register and top up your balance.
2. Choose the country and the service you need for registration.
3. SMS SERVICE will give you a virtual phone number for 20 minutes, use it to receive sms, confirmation codes and OTP (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Tinder, Facebook).
4. Copy the issued number and paste it into the registration form to receive SMS with the registration code.
5. After receiving an SMS message, you just need to copy the confirmation code and use it to complete the activation of your account.

Prices and features of disposable mobile numbers for receiving SMS.

The cost depends on the country and the number of available rooms available for purchase.

  • Prices for received SMS start at $ 0.11.
  • The number is issued free of charge.
  • If the SMS did not come, you do not pay for the number.
  • The number is issued for 20 minutes, during this period you can receive an unlimited number of SMS.

➡️ Register in the SMS service and order a Lesotho virtual number to receive SMS.

Frequently asked questions about Lesotho virtual phone numbers.

What happens if I cannot receive SMS?
If a message does not arrive at the temporary number you ordered (this can happen for various reasons, for example, the sending site delayed sending or the issued number had a failure), you can close the phone number and order another, money from your balance in this case is not debited will be.

Will they give me a SIM card to which the virtual number is linked?
Our service was created just so that you do not have to use a SIM card yourself, so you use a purchased online mobile number without a SIM card, it is displayed in your personal account interface, and SMS messages received to the number with activation codes appear in it.

What is a virtual telephone number?
Usually, using such numbers for receiving SMS, they register on social networks (VK, OK, Facebook, Instagram), confirm messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat) and e-mails (Yandex,, Gmail, Yahoo), as well as used for other online sites and services.
In addition, temporary fake phone numbers can be used to receive online one-time private messages in order to remain anonymous and not buy a SIM card at once.

Can I receive calls to your received number for texting?
No, these mobile numbers are only for receiving SMS.

Can I receive SMS again a month later to the same number?
All our mobile phone numbers are disposable and there is no technical possibility to receive SMS again.