Recommendations when working with numbers

When registering the most popular services, such as: vk, whatsapp, viber, FB, Insta, etc.our service recommends that you follow a number of simple rules. Compliance with these recommendations is not a panacea, but greatly increases your chances of successful registration.

Use a proxy or vpn.

Most services determine your location by ip address and match with the registered number.

For example, you are from Russia, and want to register vk on the number of Kazakhstan. You need to make VK think that you are from Kazakhstan.

This can be done using proxy servers, they are both free and paid. How to use and where to find them, you can read on the Internet.

Use a non-primary browser for registrations.

All browsers store traces of your activities on the Internet.

Install a second browser or if you already have one, clear it (cookies, cache, history). How to do this, you can find on the Internet specifically for your browser.

Also, as an alternative, the use of the mode «incognito».

To change operator.

Unfortunately, sometimes due to the fault of unscrupulous suppliers, you may be given substandard numbers. This happens very rarely, but it happens.

In this case, we recommend changing the operator.

Most likely, the above recommendations will help you, but it's not 100%. Our service does not sell accounts, and SMS reception service

We don't own any insider. We do not know thoroughly the algorithms of messengers and social services. networks on which they are banning blochat, do not allow to register.